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Want Your Student/Staff Members to 
Have More Confidence
Make Better Friends & Develop a Stronger Mindset?

Virtual Elite Summer Mindset Program Starts May 17th!

Earn Mindset Leadership Certification

5 Top Secret Tips To Build Confidence & Overcome Bullying
Television Appearance

Would you like your student to become a more confident and thoughtful leader?

Breakthroughs & Useful Dialogue Develop

Would you like your child to learn soft skills that will help them thrive in difficult situations and be calm instead of tapping into their temper because of frustration?
Programming and Training Areas:
Conflict Management
Healthy Relationship Habits
Public Speaking
Entrepreneurship/Negotiation Skills
Mindset Practices
Character Building/Goal Setting

✅ Access to Zoom & Internet
✅ You Want your student to learn conflict management skills.
✅ You Want your student to be better at problem solving.
✅ You Want your student to be more confident.
✅ You Want your student to have better at home practices.
✅ You Want your student to be a better public speaker.

You will have access to:

✅ LeadFlix and MindFlix which is updated every 30 days.
✅ Weekly Masterclasses.
✅ Mental Flight Guide Audiobook.
✅ Home leadership activities.
✅ Mindset Secrets Ebook.
✅ Other likeminded aspiring student leaders who want to build a stronger more confident and healthy mindset.
✅ Mindset Leader Certification.

Why me, Why us?

🎯 Over 80 years of collective mindset, leadership and branding experience
🎯 Several Advanced Degrees in Specific Subject Matter Areas
🎯 Over 80 thousand hours of collective training expertise
🎯 Award Winning Speakers
🎯 Amazon Best Selling Authors
🎯 Celebrity Mindset Consultant
🎯 Expert Guest on National Television
🎯 Worked with over 100K students personally
🎯 Public Speaking Expert
🎯 Certification is a great resume enhancer & WIN for your student upon completion.
Anxiety, Depression and Insecurity are on the Rise
Give Your Student a Resource They Can Use At Their Leisure and Your Follow Up to Better Themselves From the Inside Out!

Mental Flight School Lead Instructors:

Stan Pearson II
Masters in Business Administration
, Concentration
B.A. Spanish
Chief Visionary
Flight Instructor:
Mindset & Leadership Development - Goal Setting

Cynthia Padilla
Masters in Conflict Management
B.S. Criminal Justice
Flight Instructor: 
Conflict Resolution & Navigating Beyond Toxic Relationships

Odell Bizzell II
Masters in Management & Leadership
B.A. Communication
Flight Instructor:
Diversity, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Renelyn Thomas
Masters in Business Administration
B.A. Marketing
Flight Instructor:
Branding, Social Media Etiquette, Organization Retention

Ana Flores
Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Counseling Psychology
Flight Instructor:
Managing Positive Energy

Jessica Lundy
Flight Instructor: 
Mastering Lights & Camera
Personal Image Development

Walter Martinez
Mixologist of Music
Flight School Resident DJ
Music, Movement & Motivation

Nicholas Landers
International Award Winning Educator-Germany/Japan
Director of Critical Thinking & Creative Education

Imagine how awesome it would be if your child created a stronger more positive mindset and developed a healthy confidence that made them a better student and better at home!

       12 Reasons why you should register your kid for the                  Summer Mindset Leadership Program!

1) Your kid will develop more confidence to overcome bullying and self-esteem to avoid becoming a bully.
2) Your kid will learn how to never pay for college
3) Learn how to start an online business 
4) Your kid will learn how to meditate to lessen anxiety & anger.
5) Your kid will develop better conflict resolution skills.
6) Your kid will learn how to study so you will stop yelling at them.
7) Your kid will virtually meet other students who’s parents want the best for them too.
8) Your kid will learn how to better communicate with you as the parent, guardian or sibling.
9) Your kid will learn healthier eating and exercise habits.
10) Your kid will learn how to create better social media habits.
11) Your kid will learn how to see their strengths without always focusing on their weaknesses.
12) By the end of the Summer Program, your kid WILL thank you for registering them for the Elite Mindset Summer Program
Social Media & "Societal Expectations" make everything that much more difficult.
Would you like your students to be more involved and engaged?

Would you like them to communicate better and be more sure of themselves?

Do you feel like you need more help to guide them in the right direction in a creative way?
Every student is going through uncertainty & frustration... Wouldn't it be great to give them a resource they can tap into whenever they needed it?
Message from Chief Visionary: Stan Pearson II, MBA
I travel around the United States and different parts of the world speaking to thousands of students. There's almost always a line waiting to speak to me afterwards about things they've never told their parents, but wanted to. They don't always have the words or the courage to reach past their insecurity. It doesn't matter how many likes they get on instagram or facebook or how many people look at their snapchat, they just don't quite feel like the best version of themselves. They truly want to, but often feel like something is holding them back or their afraid to leave "something/someone" behind.
Heck, maybe they had a good day or a good week, but then week 2 was harder than they imagined and they didn't quite have enough power to push through so they end up frustrated starting all over again feeling like there's nowhere to go.

There's so much going on, sometimes it's just difficult to keep up with everyone and everything. You have to go to work, maybe you have more than 1 child or maybe more than one job. If you are married or involved, you have to nurture those relationships to make sure you are in a healthy mental space along with everyone else in and around the home.

Growing up, I had awesome parents who loved me and always wanted the best for me and they STILL didn't know everything that was going on in my heart or my mind. I wanted to talk to someone but I often just kept it inside, dealt with it until I found a better way without overwhelming myself out of frustration or feeling like I just couldn't win.
Then, one day after football AND band practice I was sitting in my room; yea I did both! I randomly started putting a list of simple activities together that made me happy or gave me peace when I'd been having a rough day.
It felt like I'd discovered THE SECRET, my own little lightening in a bottle.

These things helped me find more wins! I was relieved because along the way, I realized I didn't have to be perfect either. These things were simple, effective, actionable AND EASILY DOABLE...

It was then, I knew I was on a mission to help anyone who'd gone through that kind of time in their life. It was then, I wanted to help those just like me who wanted to create a stronger mindset. It is now that I've been able to create this kind of opportunity to cut the learning curve of those experiencing the above stated right now.
Who Am I? 
Chief Visionary, 
Stan Pearson II, MBA
Hi everyone! My name is Stan Pearson II, I'm an Award Winning Speaker, Motivational Comedian, Author and Celebrity Mindset Consultant. I've toured the United States and different parts of the world teaching audiences how to boost their confidence and thrive in difficult situations.

It is my life's work to help young people develop a strong mind set so they can have more control over who they are and who they want to be. I'm a husband, a dad and someone who wants to be a better person every day and bring as many people along with me who want the same or willing to take the LEAP.

I was in marching band, ran track, played football, a little basketball, I went to college, I interned for a governor, I interned for a United States Senator on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. I had friends, I had enemies, I got bullied, I got made fun of for being different, I laughed a lot, I cried, I danced

Now for the Good Stuff....
My Invitation to You!!!


The Art of Being a Super You E-Book
This book starts with the basics of what it takes to be a better you. I visit 5 Steps throughout the book and use Super Hero's to help illustrate how much we have in common. The reader is able to see themselves in the book and apply simple lessons to help build their confidence and self-esteem without feeling insecure about who they are or who they want to be. Readers will also be able to learn what small things they can do elevate themselves in school and at home. This is also great, because the book is a comfortable read that can be knocked out quickly which is achieving a goal of completing something that was started. 
Facebook Mastermind Group
I ALWAYS tell people, that YES they can do life by themselves, but I also let them know that they don't have to. We often take pride in the wrong things. Join a community that supports you. Join a community where you can bounce your ideas and struggles off of to grow and develop the right way. My facebook community is positive, encouraging and also yours. You'll also have access to me in the facebook group. There's nothing like being a part of a community that wants nothing more from you than just to succeed.
Audio Mental Flight Guide
The Mental Flight Guide you received already is an amazing tool! What's even better is now your young person will have the audio version of it. They are driving, they are on the bus, they are in the car with you, they are with friends, so what better way to make sure they are plugged in to the good stuff than having the audio version of the guide! 

Who knows there may be an additional audio book added along the way once you are a member of Mental Flight School! I can guarantee there will be an additional book! I'm sorry, I just had to let the cat out of the bag!
Super Cool Bonus #1  
Access to Mental Flight School
Mental Flight School is the only virtual resource in the country that offers mindset, leadership and confidence boosting strategies with live calls, coaching opportunities, emotional intelligence and life skills training. HUGE FACT: By the year 2030, 355 MILLION PEOPLE world-wide will be engaged in virtual education or be effected by the virtual space professionally. The only thing predicted to help people thrive in the near future and even 10 years from now is the ability to connect with others emotionally and mentally. Mindset is the ONE thing that automation cannot replace. You already see a rise in automation and artificial intelligence, especially given the pandemic and quarantine. For every job you see a robot with, there are likely 2-3 people that have been replaced. Consistent mindset training and confidence coaching is what will separate them in school, social activities and work.
Super Cool Bonus #2
Private Coaching Call with Me!
This Call is a MAJOR BONUS. 

I've spent the better part of the last 10 years coaching Students on how to have better mindset and relationship with themselves. In our 30 minute call we can get a feel for each other, MEET voice to voice & confirm our flight plan to make sure we are all on the same page as we move forward with Mental Flight School. Having me on the phone is one of the best bonuses I give. My schedule is busy, my time is tight, but I am carving extra time out to make sure we get this RIGHT!
Are you kidding me? Access to Mental Flight School, The Art of Being a Super You and a Private Coaching call and more??? This offer is amazing and Trust me when I tell you there is no other offer out there like this one. 
You Either Want to be great or you don't. Mental Flight School's Tuition will be Skyrocketing in the near future, so Lock it In Now. It will always be Worth it, but there is seriously no time like the present. 
limited time offer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime

So, you've scrolled through quite a bit and....
I'm not gonna lie, this is great stuff!
So, you'll receive a few of my books to start your mindset journey. I'll instruct you on how to tackle them if you have any questions. You will develop a stronger mindset, more confidence and a healthier sense of self and behavior. I guarantee growth within the first month; however, it may be difficult because we are working through behavioral and systematic change. We are re-wiring our brains and mindsets. It is known the be a difficult process initially, but once we get in a rhythm, we will be good to go! 

This is your life! Take control of it! Invest in Your Students. 
I appreciate you and thank you for your time. 

Remember, You're Good, You're Great, You're Worth It!

-Stan Pearson II, MBA
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  • ​#2 Mental Flight School Private FB Group                    ($97 Value)
  • #3 Mental Flight School Virtual Access                      ($497 Value)
  • #4 Netflix for Leaders                                                   ($1997 Value)
  • #5 Monthly Life Leadership Calls                    ($997/month Value)
  • ​#6 Weekly Connection Classes                          ($3997/day Value)
  • ​#7 Mindset Leadership Certification                               (Priceless)
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